Rome Travel Guide and Offline City Map App Reviews

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Not a useful guide for a traveller

If you actually mean to travel to Rome, and mean to do anything more than take a tour, this app is useless. It has pretty pictures of many of the popular attractions,sure. You can book a tour, perhaps. For in depth explorations, real world needs like food, travel on anything other than the Metro, such as bus or tram... there's nothing. No searchable street map, no map at all. Navigation within the ap is not intuitve.


The whole reason I bought this app was to have a map of Rome I could use offline. The search function refuses to work without an Internet connection. In addition, it keeps asking for more and more money for more maps. Buying the Rome map did not include the Colosseum map, etc. Money wasted.

Stay away

Don't waste your money, you can Google for 5 minutes, paste it in your Notes, have the same info and save the 4 bucks these people rip off.

Great Rome Travel Guide

I've into Rome last month, really good guide. Specially when you don't want to carry heavy books, and specially in winter! Augmented reality and offline maps are a plus, way to go, best guide ever.

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